In 2016, the company expanded its machining business, perfected the industrial chain, and established a new precision parts manufacturing workshop. The main equipments include high-speed CNC 6 sets, car wash composite CNC and other equipment to provide customers with comprehensive supporting services.


Both mold and injection have separate quality control systems. The company has three-dimensional and two-dimensional inspection equipment, the detection accuracy is 0.001mm, and there are hardness tester, height gauge, micrometer, right-angle gauge, color difference meter,


The company has opened the surface coating, silk screen and printing process of plastic products, and has rich experience in multi-color spray, large-size product silk screen printing, pad printing and color printing. The sheet metal business can provide customers with one-stop service to get rid of the color of plastic products and sheet metal products.

Xinrui Baoyuan

High precision, your best choice

Four Cores


Professional plastic mold tailored to customize manufacturers

Has a long history of mold development and plastic mold manufacturing experience; and the Pearl River Delta region 500 strong medium-sized enterprises have established a long-term cooperative relationship to become their fixed point mold partner; select the first grade steel S136, using high-quality copper custom grinding More durable and durable


Have first-class manufacturing equipment

The company has 6 sets of CNC machining centers imported from Japan such as FANUC, Taiwan-made Paterson and Xiehong;

The highest machining accuracy is 0.01mm. It has a deep hole drill specially designed for large mold processing. The deepest depth is 1.3 meters.

Delivery Period

Quality materials, high quality products

The mold steel is using the first grade S136, and the quality of the high quality copper products is more effective;

Experienced, quality assurance, service life can be more than 500,000 times than the average mold


Customer satisfaction

Reliable quality, good quality samples to customers to confirm, so that customers are satisfied;

In the molds manufactured by our company, during the process of injection molding, the damage of the mold can be maintained for free for life maintenance;




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Medical equipment industry
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